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Friends of Kera were  introduced to a less fortunate children’s care home based in a very rural place called Kadongo, about 1.5hrs drive from Kisumu, western Kenya. We got in touch with them and what we heard had us in tears.

This home houses about 187 kids, from age 3 yrs onwards, who are either orphans, suffer from HIV or disabled and are simply abandoned as their parents could not support them. This home gladly takes them and provides them with some hope and more importantly, care & love. During the day, also provides free education to almost 200 others poor kids and feeds them.

Friends of Kera pledged a year’s food Aid and in addition made contacts with local community to support the home and managed to get:
1) 100 boxes each containing 6 pcs have been donated of disposable sanitary towels were today donated to Gideons Home by a local supporters.
2) Donated 100 mosquito nets today 75 by our Masonic lodge and 25 nets topped up by Valjibhai of Heena Enterprises.

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