India – Rampar Vekra Solar Powered Hot Water Installation

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As we had planned, solar panels have now been installed for disadvantaged people that we had identified to provide hot water as winters are cold in Kutch region. The poor disadvantaged 3 blood brothers and an disadvantaged adult elderly lady of Rampur Vekra were struggling and hence we decided to provide this basic requirement for them. Basic hygiene was big issue for both poor families and ensuring getting hot water for cleaning for daily personal use was very important.

Onc...e again thank you all for your great support. During the month of December, we have brought a larger awareness to local people by organising 2 great events. One was charity walk for 18.2 miles with disadvantaged children in which full FoK team took part and the annual sports event on 25th Dec, where more than 1300 disadvantaged children enjoyed the sports day.

We also provided clothing towards the disabled and mentally disturbed adults people of Bhachau in Kutch region, were Mother Teresa nuns doing brilliant job to care for all despite the modest accommodations.

Yes, there is much more that can surely be done but we can’t help them all. However, if we can make difference to few, then we know that we have done something to make a positive change in the lives of those few. The smiles & happiness of those few is still worth all the effort the FoK team spends which is of course made only possible by the kind and generous support of family and friends.

As one good man said : "Let's not lose hope in humanity, instead live to help others and we all can then certainly make a difference."