Who We Are

We are small charitable organisation setup to help improve and provide necessary support to lives of less fortunate children and young people and fight alongside them for a better future.

The charity was founded by Kishore Nardani who has been working and serving less fortunate children and young people in remote areas of India and Africa for over 20years. Before official registration, charity work and donations were raised by group of Friends and family members as a private club. Over time, as more donations kept coming and a need to register as an official charity was required and registration took place in 2007 to have a team of board members to help manage and run the charity.

Friends of Kera (UK) is a charity registered in UK reg number 1144092.

We believe that every less fortunate children and young people has the right to a fun and active childhood, and the chance to develop their full potential in life. We help provide less fortunate children and young people with vital mobility equipment, and life journey services, giving them opportunities to build friendships and have fun, and training to help them gain skills and look forward to a bright future.

All our work is carried out by dedicated team of volunteers who provide their time at no cost to the Charity. This allows us to ensure that those less fortunate genuinely receive 100% of your donation.

The volunteers of Friends of Kera continue to give their time, expertise, as well as raising funds towards helping and providing for the less fortunate children and young people. These children require special help, since majority of their parents are helpless, and cannot afford basic needs such as wheelchairs and education for their children, they are unable to go school because of their disability.