Our Partners

We partner with variety of companies across different industries to help raise vital funds for the work that we do through direct sponsorship or through sponsoring our challenges and events.
Some of our corporate partners:

  • Elecmec

Continuous supporter of FoK. Donated towards extensive refurbishment to Mwereni Blind Children's School in Moshi Tanzania. Sponsored trekking gear for the Machu Pichu Inca trail challenge. In additional to the donations, Director and MD of Elecmec Purshottam Gami, has also participated in two major challenges; Kilimanjaro and Inca trail challenge to raise funds for FoK.  Elelcmec has been a general donor and supporter of FoK for many years.

  • Ravji Construction- Tanzania

Ravji construction has been a long standing supporter of FoK. The family has supported our trekkers during Kilimanjaro challenges. They have been the ground support team. Ravji/Kishan and the family have personally received our trekkers who have fallen ill on challenges. They have taken great care of the participants and have offered their support on every challenges to Kilimanjaro. Ravji and family offered FoK to take on the refurbishment works of Mwereni Blind Children's school. The project was successfully delivered in time and on budget by Ravji Construction Group..

  • CJ Travels & CJ Accountants

CJ Accountants are FoK accountants and auditor for last 5 years and has offered the accounting services at no cost to FoK. CJ Travels and CJ Accountants have also supported FoK in joint aid work. CJ for two consecutive years setup eye camps during the annual sports event. The eye camps were in aid of the poor children and families. 3rd year, CJ Group set up a dental camp again in aid of the poor. Both the camps were run for the whole day and helped several families to diagnose and treat diseases. CJ Group sponsored and managed the whole camp programs.

  • Navchetan Andhjan Mandal

Navchetan Andhjan Mandal Madhapur Kucth has been jointly working with FoK since the beginning of FoK charity work. Navchetan has been leading the organsing of annual sports event held in Kutch India every year . They take the lead role in preparing the grounds for the sports event, preparing the invitations and coordinating with the disabled children's schools across Kutch to participate in the annual sports event.

  • Kera High School

Kera High School has supported FoK since the first day sports event was held in Kera. School committee has been most generous and has offered the use of the sports ground to hold the annual sports event. The school also sends students to carry out voluntary work and support the disabled children's annual sports event.

  • Halai Builders Merchant

Generously donating  FOK charity with monthly direct debit payments for last 4 years.

  • Laxcon Construction

Laxcon has supported FoK for last 5 years. Sponsored 2013 annual disabled children's sports event. Sponsored Dec 2015 charity walk from Kera to Madhapur.  General supporters of FoK.  Sponsored Trekking gear to Everest base camp challenge 2018 participants.

  • Aqualite Trading Limited

Supporting FoK for last 10 years.  Sponsored Kilimanjaro challenge 2011 Trekking gear. General sponsorer and supporter to FoK contributing towards challenges, events and aid programs.

  • ABC Depot- Devraj Halaria foundation

General supporters of FoK. In 2015 ABC Depot sponsored  12 wheel chairs donated to disadvantaged children in Kutch.

  • Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj

Bhuj Swaminarayan Temple has been supporting FoK for many years. Every year the annual sports event is inaugurated & blessed by the presence of santos from Bhuj Mandir. The sports event was also blessed by Mahant Swami of Bhuj Mandir in 2014. Mahant Swami made a donation towards children's Food costs for the event.

  • Swaminarayan Mandir Kera

Every year the annual sports event is also blessed by the presence of ladies Mandir head and Baiyos. For the last 3 years , Shree Swaminarayan mandir Kera has taken on the sponsorship of food/catering for the sports event.

  • SGVP

SGVP has been supporting FoK every year by donating towards general aid programs. H.H. Swami Madhavapriyadasiji sends trekkers taking part in challenges a video clip of blessings on every trip.

  • Stanmore Swaminarayan Mandir

Generously supporting FoK for the last 10 years.  Mandir committee has allowed trekkers to use the car park during training hikes. Mandir has kindly offered FoK for use of the meeting rooms to hold meetings. FoK has been offered a discounted rate on hall hire and food costs for FoK Mehfil events.

  • Kenton Swaminarayan Mandir

Generous support extended by the committee.  Mandir kindly offered FoK for use of the meeting rooms to hold meetings for the Kilimanjaro 2016 challenge .

  • Pratap Patel

First time trekked with FoK in 2017 Machu Pichu Challenge. Pratap has been kind to support the trekkers and donated the trekking gear for the challenge.

  • GXI Group

Supporting FoK for last 10 years.  Sponsored Kilimanjaro challenge 2011 & Kilimanjaro challenge 2016 Trekking gear. General sponsorship and support to FoK contributing towards challenges, events and aid programs.